Native Dollar of Polkadot

Decentralized. Cross-chain. Secure

Stable price peg

1 EQD = 1 USD

Security audit by


EQD is a price-stable cryptocurrency
excessively backed by a basket of dynamically
weighted digital assets

Secure design

Locking collateral is the only way to put $EQD in circulation

Collateral portfolio

Use diversified baskets of collateral to mint $EQD

Insurance in advance

Insurance pool absorbs defaults on $EQD in adverse markets

Capital efficiency

Minimum collateralization is as low as 105% without risks to stability

No volatility

$EQD is tightly pegged to dollar by unbiased stability mechanisms

DEX Enabled

EQD is a primary quote currency on Equilibrium DEX with up to 20x leverage

Coming soon

Instant access to dollar liquidity
and the high APR area

Don’t want to sell your volatile portfolio? Leverage it for $EQD
at a click and stake them at up to 30% APR

$EQD ecosystem
is emerging

Blockchain networks

Supports 7 blockchain networks:
Equilibrium, Genshiro, Polkadot, Moonriver, Kusama, Moonbeam, Ethereum, and more to come


Supports 5 popular wallets: Talisman, Encrypt, Subwallet, Polkadot{js} and Fearless

$EQD use cases

Stable Swap

and other stablecoins. Earn pool rewards
by providing liquidity for swappers

Insurance pool

Put EQD into the insurance pool,
secure the system, and effectively buy liquidating collateral for
EQD with great discounts!

APR up to 20%

Mint EQD

Use your assets you thought were deadweight. All assets supported by the Equilibrium are accepted

Trade on DEX

EQD is a primary quote currency
on Equilibrium order-book DEX.
with your EQD

Coming soon

3rd Party Pools
and Protocols

EQD is available on multiple Polkadot parachains, even on Ethereum, and soon on other networks

Coming soon